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 Provider Package Speed Monthly Usage Minimum Contract Setup Cost Monthly Cost 1st Year Cost  
BT Broadband Option 1 20Mb10Gb12 months Free£15.65£187.80
BT Broadband Option 2 8Mb15Gb18 months Free£20.99£221.88
BT Broadband Option 3 8MbUnlimited18 months Free£24.99£272.88
Tiscali Broadband 2Mb Unlimited 2MbUnlimited12 months Free£14.99£179.88
Tiscali Broadband 8Mb Unlimited 8MbUnlimited12 months Free£17.99£215.88
Be Broadband Be Value 24MbUnlimited12 months £24.00£14.00£192.00
Be Broadband Be Unlimited 24MbUnlimited12 months £24.00£18.00£240.00
Orange Broadband Home Starter 2Mb6Gb12 months Free£12.00£144.00
Orange Broadband Home Max 8MbUnlimited12 months Free£24.00£288.00
Orange Broadband Home Select 8MbUnlimited12 months Free£20.00£240.00
Eclipse Internet Broadband Option 1 8MbUnlimited12 months Free£9.99£119.88
Eclipse Internet Broadband Option 2 8MbUnlimited12 months Free£12.99£155.88
Eclipse Internet Broadband Option 3 8MbUnlimited12 months Free£17.99£215.88
Eclipse Internet Broadband Option 4 8MbUnlimited12 months Free£21.99£263.88
O2 Broadband Broadband Standard 8MbUnlimited12 months Free£12.23£110.07
O2 Broadband Broadband Premium 20MbUnlimited12 months Free£14.68£132.12
Plusnet Broadband Plusnet Value 20Mb 20Mb10Gb12 months £25.00£6.49£102.88
Plusnet Broadband Option 2 8Mb8Gb1 month Free£14.99£179.88
Plusnet Broadband Option 3 8Mb20Gb1 month Free£19.99£239.88
Plusnet Broadband Option 4 8Mb40Gb1 month Free£29.99£359.88
Be Broadband Be Pro 24MbUnlimited12 months £24.00£22.00£288.00
O2 Broadband Broadband Premium - O2 mobile customers only 20MbUnlimited12 months Free£9.79£88.11
O2 Broadband Broadband Pro 20MbUnlimited12 months Free£22.02£198.18
O2 Broadband Broadband Standard - O2 mobile customers only 8MbUnlimited12 months Free£7.34£66.06
O2 Broadband Broadband Pro - O2 mobile customers only 20MbUnlimited12 months Free£17.13£154.17