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Sennheiser PC35 PC 35 USB Headset
The PC 35 USB is a starter headset with superior stereo sound, providing great value for money.
RRP: £57.47  |  Price: £47.99
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Sennheiser PC111 PC 111 Headset
The compact PC111 headset from Senheiser consists of a single inner-ear earpiece and and high-quality microphone.
RRP: £29.99  |  Price: £19.99
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Sennheiser PC250 PC 20 Headset
The PC 20 is a single-sided starter headset with the most superior sound in its class, providing great value for money.
RRP: £25.99  |  Price: £25.99
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Sennheiser PC141 PC 141 Headset
The PC 141 is a behind the neck, binaural headset. Ideal for gaming, internet telephony and other voice over IP applicat...
RRP: £42.81  |  Price: £37.99
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Sennheiser Binaural Ear Cup Headphones
The HD 201 is your budget headphone. But don't knock it - this unit puts out powerful sound with emphasis on the ba...
RRP: £64.99  |  Price Range: ~£29.99 - £34.99
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Sennheiser MM10 MM 10 Headset
The stylish black MM10 is a stereo in-ear headset which provides you with great sound, letting you get even more enjoyme...
RRP: £32.99  |  Price: £31.99
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Sennheiser HD205 HD 205 Headphones
You’ve got a mobile audio player, but your old headphones are bulky, and the sound quality is pretty flat besides....
RRP: £54.99  |  Price: £42.99
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SBC HP400 Hi-Fi Headphones
These stylish, full sized hi-fi headphones amazingly fold flat for great sound wherever you are.
RRP: £34.99  |  Price: £29.99
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Plantronics AUDIO645 .Audio 645 USB Stereo Headset
The Plantronics .Audio 645 USB stereo headset has outstanding audio performance with inline controls and flexible connec...
RRP: £25.99  |  Price: £25.99
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Sennheiser MX60 MX 60 Street II Headphones
Make your mark on the urban proving grounds with the MX 60 Street II stereo earphones.
RRP: £19.99  |  Price: £15.99
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Idect Q2iADDON Q2i Dect Additional Handset
An additional handset to be used with the iDECT Q2i Basestation. It features state of the art design that encompasses a ...
RRP: £32.99  |  Price: £32.99
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BT CONVERSE2100 Converse 2100 Corded Phone in White
The Converse 2100 is a basic business phone with message waiting indicator. The Converse has a 3 number memory, ringer...
RRP: £61.00  |  Price Range: ~£23.99 - £24.99
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